• Earl Miles

Loving the Puzzle-Maker

Life is a puzzle.

Life can be confusing. Things don't always go as expected, even when you do what you are supposed to do!

But life is designed by God, our Father, which makes the puzzle of life something we should love and respond to with faith and love.

What does that look like practically?

It looks like praying and acting in certain ways.

This is what we talked about this past Sunday.

How do we live (act) in the midst of the puzzle of life? (9:00 AM)

God, our Father, the Puzzle-Maker, calls us to:

  • Rest in Jesus for our pardon and perfection, assuring us of His love.

  • Hope in God for help and happiness, trusting that He is keeping His promises.

  • Pursue love by trusting and obeying His Word, even when it doesn't look like its 'working.'

  • Love by serving God through looking to Him and doing His will.

  • Love by serving my family by playing my role on the team.

  • Love by serving my church by using my gifts as a faithful part of the Body of Christ.

  • Love by serving my workplace as a 'mask of God' through which God serves others.

  • Love by serving my world (neighborhood, community) through seeking to relieve temporal and eternal suffering through good works and witness.

How do we pray in the midst of the puzzle of life? (10:30 AM)

  • Come to God as your Father.

  • Ask for love of God.

  • Ask for love like God.

  • Ask for provision.

  • Ask for pardon.

  • Ask for power.

  • Leave in submission to God.

If you would like to hear more about this, go here. Notes can also be found there.

This coming Sunday we will study the book of Micah together at 9:00 AM and then be back in Luke 15 at 10:30 AM.

Hope to see you then!

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