• Earl Miles

Coast Past and Future

Last Sunday in the 9 AM hour (School of Theology), we talked about rejoicing. Does God call us to be like Pollyanna? How do we play the 'glad game' in such a way that it is not a game, it is an act of faith, and it brings glory to God? You can hear more about that by going here and listening to A Theology of Rejoicing.

This Sunday, while many are out of town for the holiday, we will seek to learn and grow through the life of Martin Luther as we explore the Biblical basis for his life, theology, and hope in the face of sin and death.

At 9 AM, we will look at the theology of Martin Luther.

At 10:30 AM, we will look at Psalm 40 and talk about Martin Luther's (and our) flaws, faithfulness, and forgiveness in Christ.

If you found yourself getting worse, not better, as you got older, what would you think?

Have a wonderful holiday. Hope to see you Sunday!

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