• Earl Miles

From Coast to Coast

9:00 AM Sunday Pastor's Class this Sunday

Cycles of Judgment and Mercy

The Story of the World – Part 14

The Book of Judges

This Sunday we will do a 'flyover' of the book of Judges.

Here are some of the questions this book raises that we plan to discuss together:

  1. Why wasn’t Israel able to defeat the Canaanites?

  2. Why was Jael praised as ‘most blessed of women’?

  3. Are we to find God’s will by ‘putting out a fleece’?

  4. Did Jephthah really sacrifice his only daughter as a burnt offering to the LORD?

  5. How could God use a man like Samson who obviously had a great weakness with women?

  6. Why would the Levite give his concubine to the threatening mob?

  7. What should we think about the Benjamites who literally ‘caught a wife’?

Come and see!

10:30 AM Sunday Worship Service this Sunday

The First Coming - As the Father Promised

Andy Nguyen

Andy is preparing for a conference with the North American Mission Board in May as he seeks their support for his pursuit of church planting. Please be in prayer for Andy and let's support him in this ministry pursuit.

Good Friday Service

A big thank you to Dan for planning and leading this service and to all those who participated and attended!

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