• Earl Miles

God is Love

How do we know that God loves us?

God loves us because He is love and therefore, He always loves.

This week we began a study of the doctrine of the love of God. We are calling it 'The Love of God in 3-D' or 'The 3-D Love of God.' This is because the God of Love was incarnated in the 3-D Person of Jesus Christ. And because the doctrine of God's love as revealed in the Bible is delightful and difficult and decisive. It is delightful because there is nothing greater than being loved by God. It is difficult because the Bible indicates that this God of love is also a God of justice and wrath. It is decisive because our love for God and our love for others is very much dependent upon God's love for us.

We focused on 1 John 4:7-21 this week and noted things like:

  • God is love, He is not simply loving.

  • God can not ‘not love’ because it is His essential character.

  • God’s love loves first.

  • God’s love loves enemies.

  • God loves everyone but we should not 'flatten out' the love of God so that it is the same for everyone.

  • God’s love is most clearly seen in the cross.

  • Loving like God loves reveals the unseen God.

  • Loving like God loves reveals true faith in Jesus.

The most celebrated character trait in God is His love and it is the theme of songs in Scripture as well as songs we sing today.

You can hear more about this by going here and listening to The Love of God in 3-D - Part 1.

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