• Earl Miles

Prosumerism and Techno-Idolatry

Technology is a blessing. Technology is a challenge.

  1. Technology is good and we should be thankful for it.

  2. As sinners, we can turn a good thing into a bad thing.

  3. Therefore, we must evaluate our use/abuse of technology.

The Christian and technology. A landscape filled with challenges. Here are two more:

Prosumerism (producers as well as consumers)

Social media is driven by the desire to be, not only consumers, but producers (or actors) who produce our own online, visual, narrated autobiography, often without the purpose of exalting God through natural and special revelation and the grace of God in people’s lives.

‘My’ worship (what I love) drives social media. Technology has given us a tool to exalt what we worship.

What is the effect of our ‘producing’ on ourselves and others?

Techno-Idolatry (looking to our technology to exalt us)

Social media often is about portraying an image which is driven by what we worship and leads others to worship us and/or what we worship through identification and imitation.

‘Me’ worship (love of me) drives social media. Technology has given me a tool to exalt ‘me.’

What is the effect of our ‘consuming’ on us?

You can hear more about this by going here and listening to Trust and Love in a Digital World - Part 4.


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