• Earl Miles

What Does It Cost?

Costly conversations. Gospel conversations are costly conversations. Conversations about what it will cost to be forgiven and have eternal life. The question is, 'What will it cost me?'

What if I told you that you could be saved and it would cost you nothing! Absolutely nothing! Would you believe it? Is that the way you would tell others about the gospel? Isn't that what it says in Romans 6:23:

'For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.'

A free gift. Free for who? Free for us, but it cost the Lord Jesus His life!

So coming to Christ is a matter of receiving a free gift (the glorious package of forgiveness, righteousness and eternal life).

And this is how we must preach the gospel. And if we preach the gospel right, it is possible that people will think they don't have to live to please God at all!

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said:

And, my last word of all is, again, a word primarily to preachers–indeed it’s a word to everybody in the sense that if ever you are putting the Gospel to another person, you’ve got a very good test whether you are preaching the Gospel in the right way. What’s that? Well, let me put it like this to you: If your presentation of the Gospel does not expose it to the charge of Antinomianism you are probably not putting it correctly. What do I mean by that? Just this: The Gospel, you see, comes as this free gift of God–irrespective of what man does. Now, the moment you say a thing like that, you are liable to provoke somebody to say, “Well, if that is so it doesn’t matter what I do.”

Now, this doctrine of the Scriptures–this justification by faith only, this free grace of God in salvation–is always exposed to that charge of Antinomianism. Paul was charged with it.

… the Gospel always exposes itself to this misunderstanding from the standpoint of Antinomianism. So, let all of us test our preaching, our conversation, our talk to others about the Gospel by that particular test…If you don’t make people say things like that sometimes, if you’re not misunderstood and slanderously reported from the standpoint of Antinomianism it’s because you don’t believe the Gospel truly and you don’t preach it truly. - Sermons on Romans 3 and 6

But there is more to be said.

The Reformers said that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

But we are not saved by a faith that is alone. It is always accompanied by repentance/good works.

Coming to Christ costs us nothing. But following Christ, after coming to Christ, will cost us everything.

The video above highlights the essence of our faith: what Christ has done, not what we do. 'Religion' appears to be a reference to a self-righteous pursuit of acceptance with God by our own ideas and efforts, rather than depending on the righteousness of Christ alone.

But faith in what Christ has done will always result in following Christ and doing His will, however imperfectly.

Yet, we must always glory in what Christ has done for us and the freeness of God's gift of eternal life through the finished work of Christ.

You can hear more about this by going here and listening to Costly Conversations.

The kind of life we are to live after we come to Christ and rest in His righteousness alone is one of leading others in a way that reflects and pleases God.

You can hear more about that by going here and listening to Godly Leaders.

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