• Earl Miles

Good Conversations

Gospel conversations are good conversations. Not simply enjoyable conversations (which may or may not be the case). But conversations about being good. And whether or not good works are the way to be accepted by God. How good is good enough?

Done by us or done for us? Christianity is the only way of acceptance with God that talks about what God has done for us! That's why we celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday: The payment was made on Friday and on Sunday we found out that the check - the payment for our sins - cleared! (Great point on the above video!)

Acceptance with God. We need to try to understand what unbelievers think is the way to find acceptance with God. One way or another, all the world religions and those influenced by them, talk in terms of what we must do (even when they use the term 'love').

This video exalts the lie that all religions are pursuing the true God and pursuing love (the good) and that we simply need more dialogue since we are all children of God. It fails to exalt the uniqueness of true Christianity and our lack of goodness.This should be shocking to us, but it is not surprising in light of our fundamental confusion as sinners.

Goodness Confusion. Our basic problem as fallen people made in the image of God is that we have things mixed up. We think that God is not good or at least, not good enough and that we are good - at least, good enough. But the truth is that God is infinitely good and we are far from good! (Romans 3:10-12) Therefore, the truth about goodness sets the stage for the good news of the Just dying for the unjust in order to bring us to God (1 Peter 3:18).

Easter. It is the resurrection of Jesus that guarantees to us the promises of forgiveness and eternal life through the finished work of Jesus Christ. The gospel of Mark leaves us with questions by its abrupt ending (see Mark 16:1-8). The biggest question of all that it leaves us with is, What if this is true?

You can hear more about this by going here and listening to Good Conversations (Pastor's Class) and The Middle of the Story (Easter message).

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