• Earl Miles

Fill Up, Spill Over

Red part? White part? Which part of the rope are you focused on? Francis Chan challenges us to examine our hearts and lives with this rope illustration. (see 2 Corinthians 4)

We have been talking about gospel conversations. We are more likely to have them if our hearts and lives are focused on eternity rather than the few years of life on this earth.

This eternal perspective encourages us to go deeper in our understanding of the basic gospel truths about God, man, Jesus, and faith. (Colossians 4:2-6; 3:16)

Evangelism is simply the overflow of a heart filled with gospel truth that worships God and rejoices in Jesus in the presence of unbelievers.

We want to fill out our understanding of the gospel so that we can have conversations that are full of truth as applied to the topics discussed and the people we are loving.

This Two Ways to Live presentation of the gospel illustrates a more in-depth discussion of the gospel, though still brief overall:

You can hear more about this by going here and listening to Full Conversations.

It is also important to realize that our Lord Jesus always married good works and good words. He served people through healings and miracles as He proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God. (Luke 10:9)

To be like Christ is to see ourselves as sent to serve our families, our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our 'world' with a heart to relieve suffering and do good and meet needs.

But we are to seek to relieve lesser suffering, to give lesser good, and to meet lesser needs with the ultimate goal and desire to relieve the greatest suffering, to give the greatest good, and to meet the greatest need: salvation in Jesus Christ!

You can hear more about this by going here and listening to Living with Purpose - Part 2.

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